Boogie Bingo & Pub Quiz in Norfolk & Cambridgeshire

At Mobile Disco Network we can provide Boogie Bingo & pub quiz services for your party or event in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Lincolnshire.

Boogie bingo

Boogie Bingo is a great night in its own right.

Fun Interactive Singalong games for all ages, from children to great grandparents. Which means it can be involved in weddings, Birthdays and any other type of private events.

Boogie Bingo is extraordinarily diverse and will create an exciting atmosphere. There are many different types of games. As well as being able to select your specific music and have personalised; customised game cards made just for you and your party.

We travel all over Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire & Suffolk.

How To Play Boogie Bingo:
Instead of your boring old numbers being called out in a standard game of Bingo, we've replaced them with 15-20 seconds bursts of the most toe-tapping', bum wigglin' sing-along songs from the past and present! The presenter houses all music.

The numbers on the bingo cards:
Have been replaced with artists and song name. So with your bingo card in hand and your dabber on standby, listen out for the songs playing and mark them off as you would a regular game of Bingo.

Boogie Bingo presented:
By a professional Showman DJ & 2 team members and comes with its own mobile Disco for the bingo games and if required Disco to finish off.

Prizes for the Winners:
All prizes supplied by the Venue or club, and can be as simple or extravagant as you like; from a cabbage or a pair of marigolds to a pitcher of beer, gift cards or even Spa treatments!

Attending People:
Who wants to play the game cost £2.00 a game card, and they can play with more than one.

Costs for Venues, Pubs or Clubs:
There is a small basic fee to the Venue, Pub or Club to cover outlay and travel costs. £150 midweek, Friday Saturday £200 these fees will reduce if there is a lot of people attending that are playing.

Posters and publicity:
We have specially designed posters to help promote your Boogie Bingo Night and place adverts on the social network. We can also supply at cost 50 full-colour A4 posters to place around your town or village to promote your night, which in turn will benefit your business, charity, Venue.

So if you're looking for new entertainment:
To complement quizzes, karaoke nights and other special events throughout the year or even replace a tired old pub quiz, then look no further than Singalong Boogie Bingo! With a professional Host DJ Tim.

Pub - Club - Social Club Hotels Private Parties

Your venue promoted with posters introducing new customers to your business.

I am offering your clientele with something fun interactive and fresh.

You will Increase your bar takings and restaurant table bookings.

Affordable Professional Entertainment with a low basic rate. (read how to play)

BoogieBingo is“Bingo” by brand name only and is not bound by the same legislation as traditional Cash bingo set out by The Gambling Commission. Therefore no additional licences are needed to run the game.

Boogie Bingo licensed as quiz, and you should always follow the best practices and legislation regarding appropriate prizes; e.g. no alcohol as prizes for minors!

Many different types of boogie bingo games from decades to food

Single Games to Choose:
Commercial Break • Country Hits • Dance Classics • Disco • Divas • Football • Heroes • Hits Of The 2000s • Hits Of The 2010s • Mixed Music • Motown and Soul • Movie Themes • Musicals • One Hit Wonders • Pop Party • Rock Anthems • Rock N Roll • Sing-Along • St Patricks Day • Summer Sizzlers • TV Theme Tunes • XFactor

Family Games:
Disney and Nursery Rhymes Animal Majic

Special Event Games:
Wedding Party Birthday Christmas Halloween

Customised Games:
2-Tone Ska Reggie Punk

Multi Games:
Pop Party • Summer Sizzlers • Festival Favourites • Movie Themes • Divas • Decades 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s • Food Glorious Food • TV Themes

How Long does it last?
Four games will last 2 - 3 hours 6 games 4 hours

I Don’t know many music songs:
DO NOT WORRY you can ask a friend or listen to the presenter as he calls out every artist, so you don’t miss a single song.

My entertainment is 8-12 pm, what else can you do?
The Boogie Bingo comes as a Disco Setup and can carry on till Last Orders is called with whatever type of music you or your customers request.

Can this be hosted in the Afternoon in our Gardens?
Yes but please ensure cover for the show in case of bad weather

What should I supply as prizes?
A small prize for a line and larger one for full house, for example, a box of chocolates, for five in a row and complete house a bottle of wine and a beer pack, but it can be anything you wish to remember if playing four games this would be x 4 and always have backups as sometimes there can be more then one winner.

Best time to host Boogie Bingo?
Mid-Week or weekends, Afternoons, Evenings, Bank Holidays

How Many People would I need to play?
A minimum of 40 great family fun from children to great Grand Parents

How Much Does It Cost?
There is a basic fee depending on time and travel. The cost will also vary depending on how many people are playing, and If you have a packed out venue or party of 100 people then we lower the basic rate which helps you with your entertainment budget, Please call for further details.

How Far Do You Travel?
All over Norfolk Cambridgeshire Suffolk Lincolnshire.

Speed Quiz

What Is Speed Quizzing?
Speed Quizzing is an interactive quiz game hosted from a laptop computer and played on smartphones and tablets.

Note: Only one smart device is required per quiz team.

Players take part in the same way they would a pen and paper quiz, but instead of pens and paper, each team uses a free app on their smart device, with the presenter reading questions from a laptop computer.

Rather than having an unspecified amount of time to decide on an answer, teams are given a time-limit during which they input an answer using the keypad on their smart device screen. This gives players considerably less time to attempt to cheat!

Answers are submitted by a single tap on the device screen, i.e. the first letter of the answer, or multiple-choice (A.B.C.D etc).

The answer is revealed after each question, rather than all together at the end of a round or the entire quiz.

Scoring is taken care of automatically by the laptop, with the leader-board being accessible throughout the event.

Speed Quizzing uses sound effects which can be amplified through a sound system to create an upbeat lively atmosphere, more in keeping with a TV game show than a pen and paper quiz.

Here's how to play Speed Quiz

Speed Quiz is really easy using your tablet or mobile phone

1: Download the free App from your App store Google, Apple or Amazon

2: At the venue, connect to the "Quiz" Wifi and open the SpeedQuizzing app.

3: Enter a team name and hit 'Connect'. Your SpeedQuizzing host will tell you what to do next!

Enjoy game formats like Fastest Finger, First Letter Of The Answer, Multiple Choice and Nearest Wins, with real time visual feedback.

Keypad Games
The Keypad game is the best place to start when hosting SpeedQuizzing. It is the closest to a traditional pub quiz, as well as being great fun in the classroom or workplace

It’s easy to play and includes plenty of optional game variations to keep players interested and engaged.

The Keypad game features three different question formats: Multiple Choice, Letters and Numbers.

The Buzzin’ games are based on a traditional fastest-finger game-show with a buzzer-lockout system. Teams listen to a question being read out by the host, but unlike the keypad game, where everyone gets to answer each question, only the fastest team to buzz in by tapping their screen get to give an answer. There are two variations of this game, Classic and Advanced.

The Sound Clips game is an audio identification game where the host first announces the name of a song or mystery voice etc. Players then listen to a series of short clips and tap their screen whilst they believe the correct clip is playing, (only one clip will be correct). Points are awarded for tapping the screen while the correct clip is playing along with Speed-Bonus points.

A voting question works particularly well when inserted occasionally into a keypad round. Teams simply answer a question to which there can be no wrong or right answer, aiming to be in the majority to win points.

Coming Soon Speed Bingo is a Bingo style game which allows SpeedQuizzing teams to compete against each other using one on-screen Bingo card per team.

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